What is BELATRIZUSA 18K Gold Layered Jewelry?

BELATRIZUSA provides hand-finished modern jewelry made from the best quality raw materials, including natural Brazilian stones, CZs and crystals. The 18K Gold, Rhodium and Silver used in our jewelry are genuine precious metals. BELATRIZUSA 18K Gold Layered Jewelry is made through a modern manufacturing process where the jewelry is created with 8 layers of different materials, including base metals, 3 thick layers of 18K Gold and a special coating. All the materials used are genuine and of high quality, which makes our jewelry stand out from our competitors.

What is the warranty that BELATRIZUSA offers for their products?

BELATRIZUSA guarantees all products against manufacturing and workmanship defects under normal use. If any defect arises in the product during the first 90 days from the purchase, BELATRIZUSA will replace the product or generate a credit of the amount paid by the customer.

What are the exclusions and limitations for the BELATRIZUSA warranty?

BELATRIZUSA does not accept exchange or returns, unless the product is damaged and is in compliance with our warranty policy. Our limited warranty covers products made exclusively by BELATRIZUSA and does not apply to damages caused by misuse, abuse or accident. In order to maintain the beauty of your BELATRIZUSA Jewelry, avoid wearing them when going to the pool or to beach, since the chlorine and the salt water can damage the appearance of gold layered jewelry. Also avoid exposing the jewelry to harsh chemicals, such as polish cloth, lotions, perfumes, alcohol, detergent, etc. If something happens to one of the pieces, don't try to fix it yourself, and instead contact one of our representatives at +1 (305)261-2080 and they will help to repair any problem you may encounter. Failure to follow these instructions may compromise your warranty.

How to take care and clean your BELATRIZUSA ewelry?

BELATRIZUSA recommends customers to remove the jewelry before doing physical activities, sports, working in construction and cleaning, which may compromise the finishing of their jewelry. Exposure to harsh chemicals and high temperatures may result in opaqueness and damage of the products. In order to clean our products, use water and a small amount of neutral soap with the help of a soft toothbrush. You can soak the piece into the mix of water and soap for 5-10 minutes and wash the piece with running water. It is also important to dry the piece afterwards using a hair dryer and paper towel, in order to make sure that the piece is totally dry before using or storing it. Tumbler or other polishing methods should not be used and will void the warranty in case they compromise your jewelry. If you have any questions, contact one of our representatives at +1 (305)261-2080.

How to store the BELATRIZUSA Jewelry?

We recommend storing all BELATRIZUSA jewelry in individual pouches or jewelry boxes, keeping it away from the sunlight, heat and humidity when being stored. Do not keep your jewelry in the bathroom and never store it along with other products such as rubber bands, coins and keys, which may oxidize or scratch your pieces.

Which payment methods does BELATRIZUSA accept?

We accept payments made with Credit/Debit Card, Western Union/Money Gram, Wire Transfers, PayPal, all options are available in our website. 


Does BELATRIZUSA offers discounts for high value orders?

BELATRIZUSA is pleased to meet with large buyers and wholesalers and we can offer special discounts for high value orders. Please call us at +1 (305)261-2080 and speak to one of our sales representatives for more details.